Sighting for May 14, 2017

John Christensen

Dillon State Park
Muskingum County, OH

Energized by seeing a (possible county record) Eastern Pine Elfin yesterday, I snuck away from the regatta for a couple hours and found a second one on a different trail. Only saw one female Zabulon Skipper over the two days; the rest were males.

  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 2
  • Spicebush Swallowtail 1
  • Eastern Pine Elfin 1
  • Eastern Tailed-Blue 11
  • Red Admiral 3
  • Common Wood-Nymph 2
  • Silver-spotted Skipper 1
  • Hobomok Skipper 3
  • Zabulon Skipper 7

Zabulon Skipper

Hobomok Skipper

Eastern Pine Elfin