Sighting for March 17, 2017

Alice Anderson

Dona Ana County, Organ Mts-Desert Peaks Natl Monument, northwest of Radium Springs, between Faulkner Canyon and Broad Canyon, in Cedar Mts.
Dona Ana County, NM

Weather sunny, calm. On a low hill. Vegetation overgrazed Chihuahuan Desert Scrub, dominant species creosote bush. Many small forbs in bloom. This site is east of the range shown in BTB:The West for Pima Orangetip. In other years, we have seen and photographed Pima Orangetips hilltopping in the Dona Ana Mts a few miles east of this site. All the Black Swallowtails were male. Later we saw a Sara Orangetip in an arroyo bottom.

  • Black Swallowtail 5
  • Spring White 8
  • Desert Orangetip 12