Sighting for March 2, 2017

Nancy Asquith

Rancho San Antonio
Santa Clara County, CA

With Dave Bartholomew. Covered over 7 miles on a full-day photo-hike starting before 11 am. High temps in the 60’s, partly cloudy at first, giving way to full sun. The county has had few days in 2017 that were better for butterflies, though it did get somewhat warmer in mid-February for 2-3 days. Butterfly sightings were even lower than we expected. Wildflowers of more than 20 species had started blooming but were few and far between. No nectaring on flowers was observed.

  • Mustard White 4
  • Sara Orangetip 1
  • Spring Azure 8
  • California Tortoiseshell 4
  • Mourning Cloak 1
  • Red Admiral 2