Sighting for April 17, 2016

Warren A. Jacobs

Marlboro Township
Montgomery County, PA

I have been monitoring this small, isolated, not well documented colony of falcate orange tips for over 30 years. I didn’t post the exact location because I consider it very vulnerable, but would be glad to share information to anyone who’s interested if you contact me personally. I’d also love to hear from anyone else who knows about it or knows any historical information about the species in this area.

  • Cabbage White
  • Falcate Orangetip
  • Spring Azure
  • Eastern Comma
  • Mourning Cloak
  • Sleepy Duskywing
  • Wild Indigo Duskywing

Falcate Orangetip

Falcate Orangetip

Sleepy Duskywing