Sighting for May 3, 2012

Rob Santry

Hwy 168 East of Big Pine
Inyo County, CA

First locale is 4.2 miles east of Big Pine. This is the location of a Little Blue colony, which I found none flying. There wasn’t enough spring rain for the hostplant, ‘Punctured Bract’ to grow, so the butterfly ‘skipped’ this season.
Second locale is a dirt road on the north side of Hwy 168, just before the ‘narrows’.

  • Becker's White 4
  • Sara Orangetip 2
  • Sheridan's Hairstreak 13
  • Marine Blue 1
  • Dotted Blue 1
  • Silvery Blue 4
  • Acmon Blue 1
  • Mojave Sootywing 3

Becker's White

Mojave Sootywing