Sighting for April 9, 2015

Jim Egbert

Bee Tree Creek ,and Weeks Bay Estuarine Research Reserve
Baldwin County, AL

The Bee Tree Creek has a large number of American Holly in bloom,with an old dirt road bed that has a good succession of environments from high and dry with sandy soil, to a ground water seep area with clay soil, to the mucky and boggy bottom of the creek bed.
The Weeks Bay NERR, Pitcher Plant Bog, has another colony of Pearl Crescents this year.

  • Giant Swallowtail 2
  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 3
  • Palamedes Swallowtail 5
  • Cloudless Sulphur 1
  • Red-banded Hairstreak 1
  • Pearl Crescent common
  • American Lady 4
  • Common Buckeye 2
  • Southern Pearly-eye 1
  • Carolina Satyr 8
  • Juvenal's Duskywing 1
  • Clouded Skipper 1
  • Fiery Skipper 1