Sighting for October 28, 2014

Bart Jones

Key West, Big Pine Key and Bahia Honda State Park
Monroe County, FL

Species seen on a day trip from Key West to Big Pine and Bahia Honda on 10/26. According to BAMONA, American Lady would be new county record.

  • Giant Swallowtail
  • Great Southern White
  • Cloudless Sulphur
  • Orange-barred Sulphur
  • Large Orange Sulphur
  • Lyside Sulphur
  • Martial Scrub-Hairstreak
  • Eastern Pygmy-Blue
  • Cassius Blue
  • Gulf Fritillary
  • Zebra Heliconian
  • American Lady
  • Monarch
  • Hammock Skipper
  • Long-tailed Skipper
  • Florida Duskywing
  • Southern Broken-Dash
  • Monk Skipper

American Lady

Florida Duskywing

Hammock Skipper

Martial Scrub-Hairstreak

Eastern Pygmy-Blue