Sighting for October 11, 2014

Jim Egbert

Oyster Bay Rd and Hwy 180 at Veterans Rd #2 Gulf Shores
Baldwin County, AL

I found another Funereal Duskywing today; the back drop was the white Spanish Nettles that it was visiting, made it difficult to spot the white of is white fringe.
The sighting window is getting short. The butterflies are acting like teenagers, by laying around all morning. I’ll see butterflies setting, and sunning for at least 2 hours after sunrise before they start move about, and with daylight getting short; locating and observe is becoming problematic. The shadows becoming longer; looks to discourage feeding on the shaded food sources, adding to the challenge.

  • Cloudless Sulphur common
  • Little Yellow 2
  • Sleepy Orange 1
  • Phaon Crescent 5
  • Painted Lady 2
  • Common Buckeye common
  • Long-tailed Skipper common
  • Horace's Duskywing 2
  • Common Checkered-Skipper 3
  • Clouded Skipper 2
  • Fiery Skipper 5
  • Whirlabout 3
  • Little Glassywing 1
  • Palatka Skipper 2
  • Salt Marsh Skipper 2
  • Ocola Skipper 4