Sighting for August 8, 2014

Henry Kindervatter

Henry Ford Estate, Dearborn, MI
Wayne County, MI

I took a couple of hours on my vacation to tour the Ford Estate grounds and look for butterflies. It was a beautiful day in the low 80’s with an intermittent breeze and lots of sun. The butterflies were mainly concentrated around a couple of butterfly-friendly gardens behind the house and near the side porch opposite the house. The diversity was low, due to few larval food plants, but the nectar sources were good.

  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 1
  • Spicebush Swallowtail 1
  • Cabbage White 40
  • 'Summer' Spring Azure 20
  • Red-spotted Purple 2
  • Silver-spotted Skipper 7
  • Peck's Skipper 9

'Summer' Spring Azure

Peck's Skipper