Sighting for August 31, 2022

Ken Wilson

Escondido Backyard
San Diego County, CA

This report is for the latter half of August.

  • Giant Swallowtail
  • Western Tiger Swallowtail
  • Cabbage White
  • Cloudless Sulphur
  • Large Orange Sulphur
  • Gray Hairstreak
  • Marine Blue
  • Fatal Metalmark
  • Gulf Fritillary
  • Monarch
  • Queen
  • Mournful Duskywing
  • Fiery Skipper
  • Woodland Skipper
  • Umber Skipper

Fatal Metalmark

Fiery Skipper

Giant Swallowtail

Gulf Fritillary

Gulf Fritillary

Large Orange Sulphur

Large Orange Sulphur

Marine Blue


Mournful Duskywing


Umber Skipper

Woodland Skipper

Gray Hairstreak

Cloudless Sulphur

Cloudless Sulphur