Sighting for August 6, 2022

Ken Wilson

Loveland Pass
Summit County, CO

Visited August 4-6. Partly cloudy most of the time. Rained in the afternoons on the 5th & 6th. Temps ranged from 57 to 62 degrees. Winds were not a factor.

  • Phoebus Parnassian
  • Anise Swallowtail
  • Mead's Sulphur
  • Scudder's Sulphur
  • Lustrous Copper
  • Ruddy Copper
  • Purplish Copper
  • Greenish Blue
  • Shasta Blue
  • Arctic Blue
  • Mormon Fritillary
  • Bog Fritillary
  • Purplish Fritillary
  • Rockslide Checkerspot
  • Variable Checkerspot
  • Painted Lady
  • Common Alpine
  • Colorado Alpine
  • Draco Skipper

Scudder's Sulphur

Ruddy Copper

Phoebus Parnassian

Mormon Fritillary

Mead's Sulphur

Lustrous Copper

Greenish Blue

Greenish Blue

Purplish Copper

Common Alpine

Bog Fritillary

Variable Checkerspot

Arctic Blue

Arctic Blue

Purplish Fritillary

Purplish Fritillary, Mormon Fritillary

Colorado Alpine

Draco Skipper

Rockslide Checkerspot