Sighting for August 8, 2022

Brant Reif

Private residence on the east slope towards Gore Pass.
Grand County, CO

Spent a good portion of the morning poking around along the dirt road and riparian aspen habitat near a friend’s house. I was excited to get some photos of the female Great Spangled Fritillary (subspecies charlottii) in the area. I also saw two Hemileuca moths flying, but couldn’t identify the species as three species fly in the area.

  • Cabbage White
  • Clouded Sulphur
  • Ruddy Copper
  • Purplish Copper
  • Great Spangled Fritillary
  • Atlantis Fritillary
  • Mormon Fritillary
  • Small Wood-Nymph
  • Common Branded Skipper
  • Woodland Skipper

Common Branded Skipper

Great Spangled Fritillary

Ruddy Copper

Small Wood-Nymph

Great Spangled Fritillary

Clouded Sulphur

Woodland Skipper