Sighting for July 7, 2022

Ken Wilson

Yuba Pass area
Sierra County, CA

Visited on July 4th & 7th. The season appeared to be running 3 to 4 weeks late based on my previous visits the past decade.

  • Anise Swallowtail
  • Western Tiger Swallowtail
  • Pale Swallowtail
  • Sara Orangetip
  • Orange Sulphur
  • Lustrous Copper
  • Edith's Copper
  • Lilac-bordered Copper
  • Behr's Hairstreak
  • Western Pine Elfin
  • Dotted Blue
  • Northern Blue
  • Melissa Blue
  • Greenish Blue
  • Boisduval's Blue
  • Acmon Blue
  • Lupine Blue
  • Arctic Blue
  • Coronis Fritillary
  • Zerene Fritillary
  • Great Basin Fritillary
  • Pacific Fritillary
  • Northern Checkerspot
  • Hoffmann's Checkerspot
  • Field Crescent
  • Mylitta Crescent
  • 'Zephyr' Hoary Comma
  • Lorquin's Admiral
  • Mexican Cloudywing

Coronis Fritillary

Dotted Blue

Great Basin Fritillary

Hoffmann's Checkerspot

Lilac-bordered Copper

Lilac-bordered Coppe

Lorquin's Admiral

Lustrous Copper

Melissa Blue

Mexican Cloudywing

Mylitta Crescent

Northern Checkerspot

Zerene Fritillary

Western Pine Elfin

Arctic Blue

Pale Swallowtail

Pacific Fritillary

Orange Sulphur

Lupine Blue

Hoary Comma

Field Crescent

Field Crescent

Edith's Copper

Boisduval's Blue

Northern Blue

Northern Blue