Sighting for July 27, 2022

Mike Reese

Backyard on the East side of Madison
Dane County, WI

Tod Highsmith and Joan Braune had posted about the Marine Blues that they had in their yard and were gracious enough to allow me to come and see them. I was there today about 30-45 minutes and watched this one fly around the yard almost continuously while I was there. He landed briefly four times and battled with another one multiple times, several of which spiraled high and out of sight. While two were spiraling there was a third flying around. These seemed to be males patrolling for females. They were amazingly fast compared to the first one I saw and observed for 20 minutes while it was nectaring. Tod and Joan said they have not seen them nectaring. This is the third straight day that they have observed at least one. After no records of this species since 2011, we now have 15 records in Wisconsin this year from 9 counties! These were within 10 blocks of one that was spotted on June 17th.

  • Cabbage White 2
  • Marine Blue 3
  • 'Summer' Spring Azure 1
  • Monarch 1

Marine Blue