Sighting for July 2, 2022

Brian McGurgan

Chugach State Park, Flattop Mountain (61.10299° N, 149.68182° W)
Anchorage Municipality, AK

Sunny with occasional large fluffy clouds, windy and very warm with temperatures in the mid to upper seventies from 3 to 6pm. An extraordinary afternoon for me with my highest count of species yet (14) for a session here in Alaska. It began with my first Purplish Fritillaries of the year. Then a sighting on Blueberry Knoll of a Painted Lady, a rare migrating stray (or maybe a wedding or science project release?). The NABA species list for Alaska doesn’t include Painted Lady so it’s not tracked in my checklist but I’ve uploaded a photo. There have been two Painted Lady sightings from 2022 (May and June) reported for Anchorage on the iNaturalist site, but sightings are generally infrequent here. Later I had my first-ever sighting of a spectacular Phoebus Parnassian and managed just a single blurry photo before it fluttered off on translucent wings. And later I had my first White Admiral sighting since July 2019. Counts of the sulphurs are conservative. I distinguished the Clouded Sulphur from the Palaeno based on the lightly double-ringed spot on the ventral hind wing surfaces of the Clouded and the simple un-ringed spot on the Palaeno.

  • Phoebus Parnassian 1
  • Mustard White 1
  • Clouded Sulphur 1
  • Labrador Sulphur 6
  • Palaeno Sulphur 1
  • Northern Blue common
  • Cranberry Blue 3
  • Arctic Blue 1
  • Mormon Fritillary common
  • Mountain Fritillary 3
  • Purplish Fritillary 2
  • Milbert's Tortoiseshell 8
  • White Admiral 1

Purplish Fritillary

Palaeno Sulphur

Mustard White

Mountain Fritillary

Mormon Fritillary

Mountain Fritillary

Phoebus Parnassian

White Admiral

Milbert's Tortoiseshell

Labrador Sulphur

Northern Blue

Cranberry Blue

Arctic Blue

Painted Lady

Clouded Sulphur