Sighting for June 26, 2022

Tom Fiore

areas surrounding Jamaica Bay, and the Rockaways
Queens County, NY

Coral Haistreaks freshly-out in at least 2 locations, incl. in Brooklyn (F.B. Field) but adjacent to Jamaica Bay, utilizing Orange Milkweed at that site, and going to var. dogbanes and other nectar-flowers at the Neponsit ‘barrens’ area. An E. Tailed-Blue was photo’d. with virtually no tails, despite otherwise an fresh [2nd-brood] look. Rather fresh-looking, but not photo’d. were Am. Coppers. A sole Variegated Fritillary played hard-to-photo at ‘egg marsh’ area by Jamaica Bay, a male in fresh & feisty condition. The Am. Lady and Common Buckeyes seen all appeared quite fresh, one Buckeye seemed to be ovipositing on some small plants in thick vegetation. Little Wood-Satyrs were easily the most-commonly seen species of the day, and in multiple locations. Delaware Skippers and Crossline Skipper appeared to be very freshly-out; probably rather less-so of a single Zabulon Skipper noted. Some additional/poss. species were seen too-quickly to make ID determinations, incl. some small dark skippers. Poison-Ivy was the most-regularly seen plant! Weather: hot by afternoon with full sun, temp. at shore cooler than midtown parts of city, with a southerly [on-shore] breeze for the afternoon. The most time was spent at the Neponsit area on the Rockaways. A bit of time was also taken to seek Salt-Marsh Skipper but none were noticed on this outing.

  • Black Swallowtail 1
  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 4
  • Cabbage White 12+
  • Orange Sulphur 8+
  • American Copper 4
  • Coral Hairstreak 10++
  • Eastern Tailed-Blue 3
  • 'Summer' Spring Azure 5+
  • Variegated Fritillary 1
  • American Lady 1
  • Common Buckeye 6+
  • Little Wood-Satyr 30++
  • Monarch 1
  • Silver-spotted Skipper 6
  • Swarthy Skipper 4
  • Least Skipper 1
  • Crossline Skipper 1
  • Little Glassywing 2
  • Delaware Skipper 3
  • Zabulon Skipper 1

Zabulon Skipper

Crossline Skipper

Delaware Skipper

Swarthy Skipper

Common Buckeye

Coral Hairstreak

Coral Hairstreak

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail