Sighting for June 12, 2022

Brian McGurgan

Chugach State Park, Windy Point (60.98499° N, 149.60629° W)
Anchorage Municipality, AK

Sunny, windy, and warm with temperatures in the high sixties from 3:15 to 4:35pm. I was very happy for a Mormon Fritillary caterpillar, L6 based on appearance and length of about an inch (using Life Histories of Cascadia Butterflies, D. James and D. Nunnallee, for reference). I observed and photographed ovipositing by Greenish Blues and suspected ovipositing by Mormon Fritillaries. A very yellow sulphur with solid black borders on the dorsal wing surfaces was seen briefly a couple of times but not photographed so I was unable to identify it with confidence.

  • Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 1
  • Mustard White 2
  • Greenish Blue common
  • Mormon Fritillary common

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

Greenish Blue

Mormon Fritillary

Mormon Fritillary

Mormon Fritillary

Mormon Fritillary caterpillar