Sighting for June 2, 2022

Brian McGurgan

Far North Bicentennial Park, Basher Drive Trail (61.15065° N, 149.71233° W)
Anchorage Municipality, AK

Sunny and clear, 74° with a light breeze from 6 to 7:15pm. We’re experiencing a heat wave with record temperatures for these dates in the Anchorage area peaking in the upper seventies over the coming weekend. Conditions have been exceedingly dry too, with very little rain in the past month and a half. Considering the heat, it’s surprising I didn’t have more butterflies as nectar sources were very plentiful along the hillside trail. Wood Tiger Moths were by far the most abundant Lepidopterans observed this evening. I was quite happy for my first ever sighting of a Northern Blue - perhaps odd it’s only my first since from the very limited local data it doesn’t seem uncommon. My photo is awful but the series of orange submarginal spots is unique among Alaskan blue butterfly species so helpfully diagnostic. The Arctic Blue surprised me, as I’ve typically seen them at higher elevations. Several other blues were seen but not successfully photographed or identified.

  • Mustard White 2
  • Large Marble 3
  • Northern Blue 1
  • Arctic Blue 1
  • Milbert's Tortoiseshell 1
  • Arctic Skipper 1

Arctic Blue

Arctic Skipper

Large Marble

Northern Blue

Mustard White

Milbert's Tortoiseshell