Sighting for December 28, 2021

Dennis Vollmar

National Butterfly Center
Hidalgo County, TX

8:30 - 5:00 Mostly Sunny. Windy in the am but once the wind died down it became an epic day. 70 - upper 80s.

I found a US first record Lugubious Blue-Skipper and Mike Rickard found a Pale Sicklewing.

  • Checkered White x
  • Giant White x
  • Orange Sulphur x
  • Cloudless Sulphur x
  • Orange-barred Sulphur x
  • Large Orange Sulphur x
  • Lyside Sulphur x
  • Little Yellow x
  • Gray Hairstreak x
  • Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak x
  • Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak x
  • Dusky-blue Groundstreak x
  • Western Pygmy-Blue x
  • Ceraunus Blue x
  • Reakirt's Blue x
  • Red-bordered Metalmark x
  • Curve-winged Metalmark x
  • American Snout x
  • Gulf Fritillary x
  • Mexican Silverspot x
  • Isabella's Heliconian x
  • Zebra Heliconian x
  • Texan Crescent x
  • Pale-banded Crescent x
  • Phaon Crescent x
  • Question Mark x
  • Painted Lady x
  • Red Admiral x
  • White Peacock x
  • Band-celled Sister x
  • Spot-celled Sister x
  • Mexican Bluewing x
  • Tawny Emperor x
  • Pavon Emperor x
  • Carolina Satyr x
  • Monarch x
  • Queen x
  • White-striped Longtail x
  • Long-tailed Skipper x
  • Dorantes Longtail x
  • Brown Longtail x
  • White Checkered-Skipper x
  • Tropical Checkered-Skipper x
  • Laviana White-Skipper x
  • Clouded Skipper x
  • Southern Skipperling x
  • Fiery Skipper x
  • Whirlabout x
  • Common Mellana x
  • Eufala Skipper x
  • Ocola Skipper x
  • Purple-washed Skipper x

Band-celled Sister

Band-celled Sister

Brown Longtail

Curve-winged Metalmark

Eufala Skipper

Dusky-blue Groundstreak

Gray Hairstreak

Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak

Lyside Sulphur

Mexican Silverspot

Pale-banded Crescent

Tawny Emperor

Texan Crescent


Western Pygmy-Blue

Texan Crescent

Spot-celled Sister

Southern Skipperling

Question Mark

Common Mellana

Red-bordered Metalmark

Red Admiral

Reakirt's Blue

Purple-washed Skipper

Pale Sicklewing

Pavon Emperor

Phaon Crescent

Pavon Emperor

Pale Sicklewing

Orange Sulphur

Painted Lady

Mexican Bluewing

Long-tailed Skipper

Mexican Bluewing

Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak

Isabella's Heliconian

Laviana White-Skipper

Common Mellana

Common/White Checkered-Skipper

Clouded Skipper

Lugubrious Blue-Skipper