Sighting for November 3, 2021

Beth Polvino

my yard NABA #1151 & Monarch Waystation #8318
Cape May County, NJ

Mint fresh Red Admiral today. I called this small butterfly, a Sleepy Orange. It was very pale, and a real runt. Seen while Jeanine Apgar was visiting my gardens. I believe the pictured skipper is an Ocola with worn markings. Cloudless chrysalis here plus at least 6 Monarch caterpillars, over a dozen Black Swallowtail caterpillars and a few American Lady caterpillars. Still a good number of flowers for nectar.

  • Cabbage White 2
  • Sleepy Orange 1
  • American Lady 4
  • Red Admiral 1
  • Monarch 2
  • Sachem 9
  • Ocola Skipper 1

Ocola Skipper

Red Admiral

Sleepy Orange