Sighting for June 20, 2021

Brian McGurgan

Windy Point (about twenty miles south of Anchorage along the Seward Highway)
Anchorage Municipality, AK

Not great weather for butterflies in the Anchorage area this weekend, with high temperatures in the fifties, blustery wind, and frequent rain. Hikes in several locations produced no butterflies at all. At this favorite spot I searched small bushes and clumps of grasses for any inactive butterflies hunkered down at rest, and finally found these two. I assumed they were both the typical greenish blue that I usually find at this spot (Kodiak blue is the local subspecies). In looking at the photos at home, though, the single row of spots on the ventral side of both wings of the lower butterfly suggests a silvery blue, while the double row of spots on the upper butterfly is typical of greenish blue. The underwing spotting on both butterflies is quite light.

  • Silvery Blue 1
  • Greenish Blue 1

Silvery Blue, Greenish Blue