Sighting for April 10, 2021

Tom Fiore

Hudson Highlands State Park, north of Cold Spring
Putnam County, NY

cloudy start, then partly sunny, brighter at times in p.m. hours, high in mid-60’s F. - the butterflies seen were almost all during the sunny intervals. No photos of these, although attempted along the trail; not many nectar sources easily seen, yet. Also observed and photographed was a tiger beetle, Cicindela limbalis. Most of the Cabbage Whites were seen in the town. The 1 Falcate Orangetip was male and would not stop patrolling on a steep rocky slope! Trail climbed to summit of Mt. Taurus, where at least ‘commas & cloaks” were hilltopping and cavorting; 1 azure also near there.

  • Cabbage White 12
  • Falcate Orangetip 1
  • Spring Azure 1
  • Eastern Comma 2
  • Mourning Cloak 7+