Sighting for January 20, 2021

Roy Cohutta

Chickasawhatchee WMA, 7 Bridges Road
Dougherty County, GA

Continuation of cold season surveys at Chickasawhatchee WMA.
I actually saw more than I expected, and/or as much as I could hope for. (Though I was hoping for a Buckeye and a Little Yellow to round out the list, but nada.)
4 Species / 30-50 individual butterflies.
1:32PM - 2:55PM = 1 hour:23minutes
Warming trend continues: 62-65F; Partly cloudy; Wind NW @ 8-9 gusting to 13MPH
Planted mustard in large field next to swamp. All species were observed taking nectar from the yellow flowers. No other blooms anywhere near this location (for miles).

The bright Cloudless Sulphur came out of nowhere and was very difficult to follow. I chased after it and watched it fly off into the woods and it did not return. It looked very fresh. Barely got any photos.

Two Sleepy Orange were hard to follow as they kept flying off into the swamp; never could get close with the camera.

The Monarch (possibly 2) flew all over the large field, sometimes into the woods, and was very difficult to follow.

Queen butterflies were common/plentiful, more than 30 individuals. Some looked worn, while others looked fresh. They would disappear when the sun went behind a cloud.

  • Cloudless Sulphur 1
  • Sleepy Orange 2
  • Monarch 1
  • Queen common





Sleepy Orange

Cloudless Sulphur