Sighting for September 22, 2020

David H. Bartholomew

Long Ridge Open Space Preserve
San Mateo County, CA

Nice day, everything is very dry but one aster patch was pretty busy, with a praying mantis taking advantage of the bounty. Long Ridge is open again to the public but with some very noticeable changes to the landscape. Presumably for fire prevention, large trail-side areas have been bulldozed clear of vegetation.

  • Acmon Blue 4
  • Mylitta Crescent 21
  • Red Admiral 1
  • Lorquin's Admiral 1
  • California Sister 10
  • Common Ringlet 14
  • Mournful Duskywing 1
  • Common Checkered-Skipper 1
  • Woodland Skipper 18
  • Umber Skipper 3

Common Checkered-Skipper

Umber Skipper

Woodland Skipper

Mylitta Crescent

Mournful Duskywing