Sighting for August 5, 2020

Brant Reif

SW side of Green River Lakes, Bridger Wilderness, Wind River Range
Sublette County, WY

This includes all that I saw on a backpacking trip from the trailhead at 8,000 feet up to a ridge line at 10,950 feet. I would make the same elevation climb on the mountains on the other side of the lake on the 6th, and was surprised that the Clodius Parnassians and Pelidne Sulphurs were flying on this side of the lake (east facing slope), but Rocky Mountain Parnassians and Queen Alexandra’s Sulphurs were flying on the other side of the lake (west facing slope). The definite highlights were finding a nice population of Mountain Fritillaries, and the most Magdalena Alpines I’ve ever encountered in one location. They were patrolling all over the ridge line at 10,950 feet. I’ve included numbers for species that I encountered infrequently enough that I could keep track. Species that don’t have numbers next to them were ones that I found enough of that I couldn’t keep track, yet were restricted to specific areas.

  • Clodius Parnassian 8
  • Phoebus Parnassian 1
  • Pelidne Sulphur common
  • American Copper 1
  • Edith's Copper common
  • Blue Copper common
  • Purplish Copper
  • Mariposa Copper
  • Dotted Blue
  • Northern Blue common
  • Greenish Blue
  • Boisduval's Blue
  • Acmon Blue 1
  • Arctic Blue
  • Zerene Fritillary
  • Atlantis Fritillary
  • Hydaspe Fritillary
  • Mormon Fritillary common
  • Mountain Fritillary
  • Purplish Fritillary common
  • Northern Checkerspot 2
  • Rockslide Checkerspot
  • Field Crescent
  • Variable Checkerspot 3
  • Hoary Comma 2
  • Milbert's Tortoiseshell 4
  • Painted Lady 1
  • Weidemeyer's Admiral 1
  • Hayden's Ringlet
  • Common Ringlet
  • Small Wood-Nymph abundant
  • Magdalena Alpine
  • Theano Alpine
  • Common Alpine 2
  • Colorado Alpine
  • Chryxus Arctic 1
  • Arctic Skipper 2

Mountain Fritillary

Clodius Parnassian

Magdalena Alpine

Rockslide Checkerspot

Theano Alpine

Mountain Fritillary

Mead's Sulphur

Colorado Alpine

Arctic Skipper