Sighting for August 1, 2020

Ken Wilson

US 395 up to Sonora Pass
Mono County, CA

Sunny, near 80 degrees. Searched from 7000 feet to 10,200 feet. Plenty of nectar source in great shape. Very few butterflies at higher elevation. Not able to ID all fritillary.

  • Orange Sulphur
  • Tailed Copper
  • Ruddy Copper
  • Blue Copper
  • Behr's Hairstreak
  • California Hairstreak
  • Sylvan Hairstreak
  • Shasta Blue
  • Arctic Blue
  • Nokomis Fritillary
  • Atlantis Fritillary
  • Field Crescent
  • Common Ringlet
  • Great Basin Wood-Nymph
  • Sonoran Skipper

Ruddy Copper

Boisduval's Blue

Tailed Copper

Sylvan Hairstreak

Behr's Hairstreak

Blue Copper

California Hairstreak

Common Ringlet

Field Crescent

Great Basin Wood-Nymph

Shasta Blue