Sighting for July 1, 2020

Jeanette Klodzen

Lambs Canyon Trail
Salt Lake County, UT

Sunny mid-80s. Start trail after 3pm.
6600 - 8100ft

This is my 8th season walking this trail and I have never seen a Relict Fritillary. Don’t even know where to start looking. Tonight I got lucky and I saw 3 along the last switchback (~8000ft) enjoying last patches of sunlight. Extremely excited!

Unfortunately, no photos. Will try again in a few days.

  • Clodius Parnassian
  • Mustard White
  • Purplish Copper
  • Western Tailed-Blue
  • Relict Fritillary 3
  • Northern Checkerspot
  • California Tortoiseshell 1
  • Weidemeyer's Admiral
  • Northern Cloudywing 1