Sighting for June 26, 2020

Rob Santry

Sand Creek area, east of Crater Lake National Park. Accessed via Hwy 97.
Klamath County, OR

Cathy and I wanted to butterfly the Sand Creek area to find and photograph Small Blue on our way to the annual Warner Mountains NABA Butterfly count. In one hour we saw and photographed six individuals. Five males and one female. It snowed in the area, so we are a little early this year.

  • Behr's Hairstreak 8
  • California Hairstreak 3
  • Square-spotted Blue 3
  • Small Blue 6
  • Lupine Blue 4
  • Zerene Fritillary 5
  • Northern Checkerspot 8
  • Field Crescent 2
  • Lorquin's Admiral 1

Small Blue