Sighting for March 12, 2020

David H. Bartholomew

San Bruno Mountain, Ridge Trail
San Mateo County, CA

With John Hibbard and Lisa Hug. Temperature mid-60s at best, butterflies not flying until about 11:00AM. San Bruno Elfin and Bay Checkerspot are federally-endangered, we had the good fortune to see several of both. Not listed were two unidentified blues (fly-bys), and two Coastal Green Hairstreaks (beautiful bluegreen underside).

  • Pipevine Swallowtail 4
  • Anise Swallowtail 24
  • Bramble Hairstreak 3
  • Brown Elfin 2
  • Moss' Elfin 8
  • Gray Hairstreak 2
  • Spring Azure 7
  • Edith's Checkerspot 12
  • California Tortoiseshell 4
  • Painted Lady 6
  • West Coast Lady 1

Spring Azure

Moss' Elfin

Edith's Checkerspot

Edith's Checkerspot

Edith's Checkerspot

Anise Swallowtail