Sighting for September 21, 2019

Elizabeth Golden

The Barnacle Historic State Park (Coconut Grove)
Miami-Dade County, FL

After waiting out overcast skies and intermittant rain, I was rewarded with sightings of several south Florida specialties during an hour and a half of sunny skies. Reviewing my poor quality pictures, I realized that what I thought was a Cloudless Sulphur was actually a Pink-spot Sulphur (4 pictures of the same individual attached).

  • Pink-spot Sulphur 1
  • Dina Yellow 2
  • Phaon Crescent 1
  • White Peacock 1
  • Monarch 1
  • Horace's Duskywing 1
  • Three-spotted Skipper 1
  • Baracoa Skipper 2
  • Monk Skipper 1

Baracoa Skipper

Horace's Duskywing

Monk Skipper

Pink-spot Sulphur

Pink-spot Sulphur

Pink-spot Sulphur

Pink-spot Sulphur

Three-spotted Skipper

Dina Yellow