Sighting for September 7, 2019

Karlo and Alison Mirth

Cove Island Park, Stamford
Fairfield County, CT

Our enthusiasm at seeing our first Ocola Skipper in the northeastern U.S. was tempered with the knowledge that Rich Kelly had passed away yesterday. Rich, a frequent contributor to this site, had such mind-boggling extensive knowledge in several fields of the natural sciences, including butterflies, moths, odonates, birds, botany, and sea shells! A mentor to many, he will be sorely missed.
Today’s sightings were made between 2:00 - 3:00 PM. Mostly sunny, mid-70s, with a strong breeze from the NW.

  • Black Swallowtail 2
  • Cabbage White common
  • Clouded Sulphur 1
  • Orange Sulphur 5
  • Cloudless Sulphur 3
  • American Lady 1
  • Common Buckeye common
  • Monarch 10
  • Silver-spotted Skipper 5
  • Swarthy Skipper 1
  • Fiery Skipper 3
  • Sachem 10
  • Ocola Skipper 1

Ocola Skipper

Ocola Skipper

Swarthy Skipper

Fiery Skipper