Sighting for July 16, 2019

Brant Reif

Forest Service roads north of Hisega, Black Hills National Forest
Pennington County, SD

Out from 8-10 am. The Black Hills have received a lot of rain this year. It is very green and there are several nectar sources out. The Western Pine Elfin was extremely worn. The Atlantis Fritillary was the unsilvered “hesperus” variety as I’ve found silvered ones flying in the area as well.

  • Two-tailed Swallowtail 1
  • Clouded Sulphur superabundant
  • Orange Sulphur
  • Striped Hairstreak 1
  • Western Pine Elfin 1
  • Gray Hairstreak 1
  • Melissa Blue
  • Greenish Blue
  • Edwards' Fritillary
  • Atlantis Fritillary
  • Gorgone Checkerspot
  • Painted Lady
  • Weidemeyer's Admiral
  • Monarch 1
  • Silver-spotted Skipper
  • Dun Skipper