Sighting for May 22, 2019

John and Nancy Crosby

Altamaha River Basin on Steel Bridge Road to Cox Road. GA Satyrs were located just East of Townsend Tract WMA in the Powerline wetlands, Townsend, Georgia McIntosh County, GA
McIntosh County, GA

94 degrees full sun. Little Breeze. There were surely many more than 100 individuals in the wetlands with the as we only walked a small section and saw so many. Our friend Pierre Howard past president of Georgia Conservancy drove from Atlanta to see them! Sedges the host plants were abundant. The only site in GA that Pierre was aware of was Paulk’s Pasture in Glynn County and they are no longer at Paulk’s so this is a GREAT find for Georgia.

  • Georgia Satyr 100

Georgia Satyr