Sighting for June 20, 2013

Henry Kindervatter

Pole Farm (Blackwell Rd. Entrance) Lawrenceville, NJ
Mercer County, NJ

It was a beautiful day to be out, with temperatures of 75-80 and very little to no wind. This area is excellent for Great Spangled Fritillaries and Banded Hairstreaks. Normally, one can also see a couple of swallowtail species and a Question Mark or two, but these species have been scarce this year.

  • Cabbage White 80
  • Orange Sulphur 2
  • Banded Hairstreak 13
  • 'Summer' Spring Azure 11
  • Great Spangled Fritillary 12
  • Little Wood-Satyr 5
  • Silver-spotted Skipper 2
  • Common Sootywing 1
  • Least Skipper 2
  • Little Glassywing 7

Banded Hairstreak

Great Spangled Fritillary