Sighting for May 20, 2018

Bob Danley

Maclay Flat Nature Trail (USFS, Missoula)
Missoula County, MT

Walked .75 mile of trail from 11am - 12:30pm. Conditions: ~66F, PC, 5 mph wind, trail flooded/moist in places (Bitterroot River back flooding). Lithophragma, Cranesbill, Mustard sp. main nectar sources. Five Blues unidentified. Arrowhead Blue and Common Alpine first of year.

  • Large Marble 3
  • Sara Orangetip 2
  • Spring Azure 1
  • Arrowhead Blue 1
  • Silvery Blue 7
  • Common Alpine 1

Large Marble

Silvery Blue, Arrowhead Blue