Sighting for May 12, 2018

Bob Danley

Blue Mountain (USFS property), moist gravel site-6 miles west on Forest Service Rd. 365
Missoula County, MT

Visited spot twice 1.5 hrs apart for combined 30 minutes, totals reflect this. Conditions mostly same: sunshine, no wind, ~60F. Habitat: unshaded, moist gravel from snow melt, recent rains…immediate to mature Ponderosa Pine forest.
Silvery Blue was first of year.

  • Sara Orangetip 1
  • Brown Elfin 1
  • Western Pine Elfin 3
  • Spring Azure 12
  • Silvery Blue 1
  • Green Comma 4
  • Mourning Cloak 1

Brown Elfin

Spring Azure

Silvery Blue

Western Pine Elfin