Sighting for May 6, 2018

Bob Danley

Howard Creek Rd., ~20 miles west of Lolo; Lolo National Forest
Missoula County, MT

Surveyed 1.25 miles of gravel road bordering Howard Creek and mature coniferous forest from noon to 1pm. Temps were high 60’s, sunshine, no wind. Everything except the Orangetips were “mud puddling”. Big Spring Azure showing, an additional 54 Blues were unidentified, likely Azure’s also. Fifteen Comma were unidentified.

  • Sara Orangetip 4
  • Brown Elfin 38
  • Hoary Elfin 1
  • Spring Azure 73
  • Satyr Comma 2
  • Green Comma 15
  • Mourning Cloak 5

Brown Elfin

Spring Azure

Satyr Comma