Sighting for November 10, 2017

Jim Egbert

Plantation Rd.,Gulf Shores
Baldwin County, AL

This is and has been a remarkable year for Monarchs.
The numbers of our winter population and their concentration in their roosting areas was great to see after so many years of sparse residents.Then how early the colony dispersed;a full month earlier than in most years.They in normal years will move out of the coastal thickets during the second and third weeks of February, but by the end of third week in January they were few and far between,and inland is where last of the seasons individuals were seen.
This summer the first sight;probably a resident;was in early August,then couple of weeks later another one was sighted,and then as the weeks went by and seasons changed Monarchs sightings became a daily event.Now that we are getting the first cold fronts moving by on their way into Florida;waves of Monarchs are passing through with them.There are the most numerous butterfly be sighted in the past few days.They are so numerous that there are four to eight in view, in every direction, except straight up and down.Most are on the wing and headed to the west;these numbers this fall have not witnessed by me in decades.It will be interesting to see how many stay with us here on Alabama’s gulf coast as we get into our colder months.

  • Gulf Fritillary 8
  • Common Buckeye 7
  • Monarch abundant
  • Fiery Skipper 4
  • Ocola Skipper 3