Sighting for July 10, 2017

Allan R. Loudell

White Clay Creek Preserve
Chester County, PA

Mostly sunny, 90 degrees.
One-hour walk, 4—5 p.m.
Nice, fresh Red Admirals. A couple landed on me. It always occurs to me that we take Red Admirals for granted. Were these butterflies much rarer, we’d travel hundreds of miles to see them!
No Swallowtails nor Sulphurs; perhaps between broods.
Catalpa Sphinx moth at preserve headquarters. No great shock; a gigantic, old Catalpa tree nearby.
Beautiful Ebony Jewelwing Damselflies.
Dozens of Common Whitetail Dragonflies around puddles!

  • Cabbage White 12
  • Eastern Tailed-Blue 13
  • 'Summer' Spring Azure 3
  • Great Spangled Fritillary 2
  • Meadow Fritillary 7
  • Red Admiral 5
  • Least Skipper 1
  • Zabulon Skipper 1