Sighting for June 30, 2017

Ken Wilson

Various locations to include Soda Springs and Donner Summit.
Nevada County, CA

A beautiful day, sunny, a high of 83. At 7000 feet snow is still present. Flooding prevented me from accessing some of my favorite sites. Damage from winter is evident. One site which had been productive for years has been nearly wiped out. On the other hand, at 5000 feet it was dry and basically finished. A few no ID fritillaries where seen as well as one no ID duskywing.

  • Clodius Parnassian
  • Western Tiger Swallowtail +
  • Pale Swallowtail
  • Orange Sulphur
  • Lustrous Copper
  • Edith's Copper
  • Sylvan Hairstreak
  • Thicket Hairstreak
  • Juniper Hairstreak
  • Spring Azure
  • Dotted Blue
  • Greenish Blue
  • Lupine Blue
  • Mylitta Crescent
  • Hoary Comma
  • Mourning Cloak
  • American Lady

Sylvan Hairstreak

Dotted Blue

Juniper Hairstreak

Lustrous Copper

Hoary Comma

Edith's Copper

Greenish Blue