Sighting for June 10, 2017

Mary Ann Friedman

undisclosed location
Okaloosa County, FL

This evening I was treated to an amazing sight. Just before Dusk I set out to look for Cofaqui Giant Skippers which like to fly loop-di-loops until it is almost too dark to photograph them. Sometimes it gets dark before they finally rest someplace, and often it is out of sight. I was surprised to see not one but FOUR Arogos Skippers have a dog fight near the same location.
At dusk when the two Cofaquis appeared, one of the male Arogos challenged them and followed them at close range. Finally only one Cofaqui decided to stay and sit for a second. I missed the photo as my camera could not find the subject in the dark. But what an experience! (I went back to this site and the photo below was taken on June 12th)

  • Arogos Skipper 4
  • Cofaqui Giant-Skipper 2

Cofaqui Giant-Skipper

Arogos Skipper